Happy Easter

It’s Good Friday today which means its Easter Weekend. We hope all of our patients have a lovely weekend celebrating Easter with their families. We are open as usual today but are closed on Monday, if you are having toothache then please see our emergency advice page.

At Easter there is a lot of treats in shops such as an Easter eggs and Easter themed cakes/biscuits. It is important to remember that these foods are treats as they contain a lot of sugar. Have a look below to see some common Easter treats and their sugar content, its quite scary!

  • Creme Eggs – 26g Sugar
  • Milkybar Easter Animal – 10g Sugar
  • Cadbury Easter Egg- 56g Sugar
  • Malteaser Bunny- 15g Sugar
  • Malteaser Easter Egg – 59g Sugar
  • Jelly Baby Chicks – 122g Sugar
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs – 69g Sugar

As you can see there is a lot of sugar in these treats. Did you know that the maximum daily allowance of sugar is 90g but this includes sugar from fruits and milk. It is recommended that children consume less than 20g, women less than 25g and men less than 30g of sugars that are refined and come treats. So you can see from the list of treats and their sugar content that the majority of them are over the daily allowance for sugar!

When enjoying a treat we recommend to:

  • eat it at a meal time for a pudding
  • eat it in one sitting, not to snack on it throughout the day

Always remember to brush your teeth twice daily for 2minutes with a fluoride toothpaste!