Clinipad at DDC

At the Deveron Dental Centre we try to be as environmentally kind as possible. This is one of the reasons why we have the clinipads for the majority of our forms instead of having to use paper. Each patient at each appointment will have forms to complete therefore we are saving a LOT of paper by having the forms available on the tablets.

At each appointment you are required to:

  • check your patient details incase anything has changed
  • check your medical history incase anything has changed, this is very important that the information is accurate as some medications can impact some dental treatment
  • complete a GP17 form, which is an NHS form which states who you are registered with and if you receive any tax credits/benefits/exemptions

Those are just a few of the forms that you have to complete when you come in for an appointment but if you require any treatment you will also need an estimate with the cost of treatment and a consent form for that treatment explaining the procedure.

As you can see there are many forms to complete so could you imagine how much paper we would be wasting if we had to hand out paper forms!