Interdental Brushes

We recommend you use the TePe Interdental Brushes to clean between your teeth.

They come in 8 different sizes:

  • Pink is the smallest
  • Grey is the largest

You should use the largest TePe interdental brush that fits between the gaps in your teeth.

You may need a variety of different brush sizes to clean between the different sized spaces between your teeth.


Use the interdental brushes once a day.

Don’t use toothpaste or mouthwash on the brush as this may damage the bristles.

You can reuse the TePe interdental brushes but discard the brush when the bristles are becoming bent or worn.

Your dentist will recommend which colours of interdental brush you should use, and will demonstrate how to use them correctly.

Dental Floss
You can also use dental floss to clean between the teeth.

Take about 45cm of dental floss and wrap the ends around your fingers until you have a 2cm section.

Guide the floss between the teeth and use a gentle up and down motion to clean between the teeth.

Use a fresh piece of floss to clean between each tooth.

If you feel the floss snagging on your tooth, please let your dentist know

We stock all interdental cleaning products at the practice. If you would like to purchase some products then come on in!