At the practice we offer tooth whitening to our patients. Tooth whitening is a private treatment that you do at home in your own time. The tooth whitening procedure is done over 2 visits to the practice – the 1st visit you would get impression taken to get sent to the lab to get the whitening trays made and the 2nd visit would be to make sure the trays fit and give you the whitening bleach to do at home.

For the whitening procedure you would brush your teeth as normal and floss as normal then you would put a lentil size drop of the bleach into each tooth section of the tray and put the top and bottom trays into your mouth. Try to avoid putting to much bleach into the trays as it will cause trauma to the gum.  You would wear the trays for no more than 2 hours a day for at least 2 weeks to see the best results and you can top up the whitening every few months or before a special occasion/event. Once the 2 hours had passed you would remove the whitening trays & wash them with soap and cold water. You would brush your teeth again afterwards to wash away any remaining bleach product.

If you are interested please call the practice on 01466 794089.