Vivera retainers are virtually invisible.  They’re much stronger than the usual style of retainers (Essix retainers) and because they’re thinner, they’re also much comfier to wear, and way less noticeable!

In one of these photos, Morven is wearing her Vivera retainers, and in the other photo, she’s not! Can you tell which one is which?  Its only when you zoom in to see a close up of a smile that you can see the difference!

Would you like a new set of top of the range Vivera retainers?  We currently have a special offer on for £304 for a set of 3 Vivera retainers (which would last around 5 years).  You don’t have to be registered with our practice to take advantage of this great deal!

And because we have invested in the latest technology, you don’t need to worry about messy impressions – we can scan simply scan your teeth using our top of the range iTero scanner in under 2 minutes!

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